A Letter from Our Founder, Mary Dang

A Letter from Our Founder, Mary Dang

Dear ELB Community, 

Well, here we are in the middle of Lockdown #2, with no end in sight for Toronto. I wanted to check in with our community to let you all know how grateful I am for your continued loyalty and support, and to share a little sneak peek into what you can expect from Eye Love once doors open again. 

So what have we been up to since our doors closed for the second time around? 

Well, the pandemic was never something we had prepared for. You prepare for slow months or to be short-staffed, but you don’t prepare for a global pandemic. And just months after we had moved into a new location, grew our team, and expanded our service offerings, the pandemic forced us to rewind and close it all down. 

We have been leaning on government financial support, doing our best to keep up team morale, and I have been working on staying positive myself. I won’t deny it, though, it’s been really fucking hard. 

That said, I have been grateful for the opportunity to spend more time with my family. My husband and I have been able to get in some rare quality time with our kids and dogs, taking long hikes outside of the city and disconnecting from social media. Like many others, I have learned about my own internal strength, how much I appreciate my loved ones, and the value of living in the now.  

Here are some things that have kept me focused and positive throughout the lockdown:

  • I take five minutes in the morning to breathe, meditate, and set an intention for my day 
  • I’m staying off social media so I can worry less about what other businesses and people are doing and can focus on the present moment as much as possible 
  • I’m focusing on short-term goals and what I can actually achieve in the next little bit, knowing that it may change at any moment 
  • I remind myself that “this too shall pass”. The pandemic won’t last forever. This lockdown will end, businesses will reopen, and eventually things will go back to normal 

Over at Eye Love, our team is anxiously waiting to come back to work! In the meantime, we have set up an online shop where you can buy beauty and skin care products, and you can also shop in-store with curbside pickup. 

We’re also looking forward to expanding our business with some potential new locations in the future. We’ll be hiring for a few new members to add to the team, launching some exciting new brand partnerships, and are even working on developing our own product line. 

We can’t wait to re-open our doors and welcome our clients back in. 

At this time, anyone who had an appointment that we had to cancel due to the lockdown will get first priority in re-booking. With spring just around the corner, we are also offering a 10% discount on sunscreen products, which you can order online and pick up in-store. Use code SPFTENOFF to claim your discount! 

Hang on tight, support each other, and we can’t wait to see you soon! 



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