Zoom Jasmin de Nuit Gift Duo
Zoom Jasmin de Nuit Gift Duo
Zoom Jasmin de Nuit Gift Duo

Jasmin de Nuit Gift Duo

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Give the gift of our signature artisanal Botanical Body Cream along with a concentrated essential oil blend perfume to carry as a reminder of the scent all day long.

Jasmin de Nuit Botanical Body Cream features precious Jasmine absolute oil and Sandalwood essential oil. Jasmine, ‘Queen of the Night’, has long been used in love potions because of it’s powerful reputation as an aphrodisiac. Beyond the sensuality of the fragrance, Jasmine is beneficial to all skin types and especially helpful for dry, sensitive skin, and for reducing stretch marks and scarring. We’ve blended it with Sandalwood, also known for its skin revitalization properties and, fittingly, its hypnotic fragrance. 

Our botanical body creams are recommended for all skin types, including sensitive, dry, stressed, or sun damaged skin. 

Jasmin de Nuit Essential Oil Blend Perfume along with all of Sangre de Fruta's essential oil perfumes are concentrated versions of our signature scents for a therapeutic perfumery experience. We’ve blended precious essential oils in organic jojoba oil with a drop of Vitamin E for natural preservation and skin healing benefits. A perfume made solely with the fruit, flowers and plants, the way perfume was originally intended. Apply to neck, wrists, temples for both the therapeutic benefits and the delicate fragrances


  • Organic
  • Gluten Free 
  • Cruelty Free
  • GMO Free
  • No Synthetics, No Fillers, No Fragrance and No Preservatives.
  • Made in small batches in Bowen Island, B.C. Canada

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