Eye Love Brows

Come visit the Eye Love beauty studio for our signature, customized , tailored brow shaping services. Where trends don't matter but instead what matters most a shape that is timeless and catered to your features. 
Choose from our a la carte menu or packages for the ultimate experience. Either way you’ll be in the hands of our skilled team for a customized treatment. 

Brow Shaping & Brow Tinting

Brows need a little refresher with a tidy and tint, shaped with tweezers and a custom tint does a brow good!

$50 (30 min) Book my appointment


Brow Fix Consult & Shaping (First Visit)

All new clients must book first visit

Known for creating the perfect brows, your first visit will give you a detailed brow consultation and a customized shape to work best with your natural brows, face shape and bone structure. As with all of our brow services, our shaping method is tweezing to ensure precision and accuracy. At least 8–12 weeks of growth no tweezing, waxing, threading or trimming beforehand. 

$40 (30 min) | Book my appointment


Brow Lift (Lamination) & Shape

"Yes, please" to full, fluffy and lifted bows! Our brow lift and shape service will make your fluffiest brow dreams come true, say goodbye to sad and droopy brows. The difference between our brow lift and other studios is we know exactly how much fluff each client should have.

$95 (45 min) Book my appointment


Brow Tint

Brows on the dull and sparse side? Our customize tints will help to achieve your most perfect definition (Please book this time slot if you are only tinting your eyebrows)

$28 (20 min) Book my appointment


Eye Love Clean Brows (Maintenance Visit) 

A while after your first visit your brows will loose their finesse, so let us refresh those arches and get them into gorgeous shape once again. 4–8 weeks of brow growth.

$30 (20 min) | Book my appointment


Eye Love Clean Brows

Well Overdue Maintenance Visit 

A while after your first visit your brows will loose their finesse, so let us refresh those arches and get them into gorgeous shape once again. If your brows are practically overgrown, and your last visit was over 3 months ago.

$40 (30 min) | Book my appointment


Full Face Thread & Brow Tweeze

Pesky little hairs all around your delicate face making it hard to admire your beautiful brows? Go all in with a full face thread (chin, lip, cheeks and forehead) we finish the look off with our customized brow shaping using tweezers. So smooth like a baby's bottom!

$55 (30 min) Book my appointment


 Brow rescue services series

We offer our committed clientele maintenance packages to continue keep their best assets in perfect form.

$125 series of 5 services

Guy Brow Fix First Visit

All new clients must book first visit

We love our men, ruggedly handsome and a little rough and tough around the edges, but we also like them with two eyebrows. Don’t be shy and allow our experts to groom that unibrow to bring the most out of your most captivating feature, your eyes! We promise guys a little tweezing won’t take away your man card.

$40 (30 min) | Book my appointment


Guy Brow (Maintenance Visit)

Once that unibrow is a thing of the past your manly brows will need some maintenance every now and again to keep them in ruggedly groomed shape. 6–12 weeks of growth.

$30 (20 min) | Book my appointment


Triple Threat - Brow shaping, lash, and brow tint

Triple threat get it all! Lashes tinted, brows tined and brows shaped to perfection.  

$80 (45 min) Book my appointment


*Kindly arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time. We know life can get in the way sometimes, as a courtesy give at least 24 hours notice for cancellations. No-shows and late cancellations will be charged 100% of the service fee.